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Fighting Back Against the Manufactured War on Women

by Freedom For Americans on 10/17/12

Many of you have seen the commercial where the Hollywood actresses tell people how to vote because Mitt Romney is trying to take away all the womens' rights and freedoms.  Are we really to vote for someone because a rich person told us to do it? Credibility on the topic is certainly not a consideration from these ladies.  

Mitt Romney is not taking away funding for Planned Parenthood.  He just doesn't believe the government and our tax dollars should fund it.  Why should we?  Are there are any good reasons really?  I mean, nobody funds my Big Mac at McDonalds. 

Mitt Romney cannot overturn Roe V. Wade.   That can only be done by the Supreme Court.  Mitt Romney does not want to redefine the definition of rape.  In fact nobody does except in the imagination of the leftists.  And lastly, Mitt Romney does not want to force women to undergo invasive ultrasounds.  Some states have laws requiring pre-abortion ultrasounds as a medical practice.  These states want to make sure at least one of the people in the procedure makes it out alive.  How dear they!  

These actresses are being used to teach the uninformed that the Republicans are taking away freedom when in fact it is the exact opposite.  It is the Democrats, with the HHS Mandate in Obamacare that was forced upon the American people, that require those that do not support abortifacients, contraception, and sterilizations, to take money out of their very own pockets, and pay for these procedures.  Yet we hear Joe Biden and a host of others continuously and emphatically declare that this is not true.  Well wrong is wrong no matter how many people say it is not.  Joe Biden and all the Representatives and Senators that speak this way are wrong.  To make matters worse, the Constitution is being discarded as a byproduct of the insatiable appetite of the leftists to create a fake culture war on women to keep themselves in power despite their pathetic record on the economy and foreign policy.  

But don't just take our words for it here at Freedom For Americans.  Listen to some of our bravest and smartest youth in America.   Read this excellent article and watch this outstanding video.  

Let's work together to combat these falsehoods and bring America back to true prosperity while always telling the truth, being positive, and working to unite.  America is a great country made up of great people who have been able to accomplish great things because they have been gifted with free will.  We can overcome anything but we must be vigilant in doing the opposite of those that purposefully drive segregation between us to bump themselves up.  

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Senator Ted Cruz (TX) nails it in a speech at CPAC 2013.  Like he did as Solicitor General for Texas, he makes a clear, direct, concise case for the blueprint needed to preserve individual liberty.  Each of the elements required are here:  personal liberty as protected by the Constitution, strong national defense, limited government and controlled spending.  No surrender Mr. Cruz. 
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