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Freedom's Loss is Only One Generation Away

by Freedom For Americans on 05/09/12

It is a well-worn term that children are our future, but how true this remains.  Many of us decry the loss of freedom in our country and often find ourselves  expounding this theme with our peers.  What is at stake though is the very notion of the free society that we have taken for granted for too long now.

Attacks against freedom are constant and certain as our nation becomes unrecognizable and confusing.  Think of a relative you know who may have died 20 years ago and imagine their amazement and horror at what has changed in our nation if they were to return to us for a day.  They would see the boy scouts castigated as bigots and those who would remove God from the Pledge of Allegiance held up as virtuous and wise.  You could certainly explain to them what happened as you are well practiced in these talking points, but what would you be able to tell them about what you are doing to combat these offenses and turn back the tide of potential tyranny? 

This brings us back to our children.  It is our duty and responsibility to instill in our children, and all children, appreciation for the blessings of liberty, and to educate them in the importance of the first freedom which is freedom of religion.  What we should want for our children for their future is not just a fine education and a good job, but also the opportunity that we have grown up with and taken for granted, and that is to be able to live as free men and women of belief, and the ability to practice our own religion as we see fit in accordance with our conscience.  The future of this ability is not certain and we must act now to counteract movement towards tyranny. 

What can you do?  Teach your children or grandchildren about the founding fathers, the struggle against tyranny in the American Revolution and most important, how much you value the freedoms we now hold.  Teach them in words but also in the actions you take and what you do with your free time.  It doesn’t take much more than living your life as you believe and sharing these values with the younger generation.  Live free or die!


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Senator Ted Cruz (TX) nails it in a speech at CPAC 2013.  Like he did as Solicitor General for Texas, he makes a clear, direct, concise case for the blueprint needed to preserve individual liberty.  Each of the elements required are here:  personal liberty as protected by the Constitution, strong national defense, limited government and controlled spending.  No surrender Mr. Cruz. 
Eric Metaxas at CPAC 2013 concisely explains why America and Religious Freedom are insperable