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Here Come the Youth for Freedom

by Freedom For Americans on 06/18/12

We are very proud of this young lady for standing up for freedom and speaking so eloquently about the larger issues around what Obamacare means to America. 

This is her speech at the Buffalo Religious Freedom Rally in June.  Note her emphasis that this is not about contraception or sexual preferences. This is about freedom.  We must keep first things first.  We must unite around the biggest issues so that we have the freedom to debate the smaller ones. 

God bless our young people and may examples like this inspire people young and old alike to speak up and be counted. 

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Senator Ted Cruz (TX) nails it in a speech at CPAC 2013.  Like he did as Solicitor General for Texas, he makes a clear, direct, concise case for the blueprint needed to preserve individual liberty.  Each of the elements required are here:  personal liberty as protected by the Constitution, strong national defense, limited government and controlled spending.  No surrender Mr. Cruz. 
Eric Metaxas at CPAC 2013 concisely explains why America and Religious Freedom are insperable