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Text of the FFA Speech at the Rally for November on 8/25/2012

by Freedom For Americans on 08/25/12

By Brad - FFA  

Ronald Reagan said “There are no easy answers but there are simple answers.  We must have the courage to do what we know is morally right”. 

The current leadership and media classes in America are an antithesis to the American founding principles and to the vast  majority of American people. 

This election is likely the most pivotal of our lifetimes.  For the majority of us, the world is drastically different than what it was when we were growing up.   We have been lulled to sleep, we are the frogs almost boiled in the hot water.   The government today is larger and more intrusive than in 1964.   It is ready to replace the family and traditional morality with a cold central government  state that trades you temporary free things for control of your lives.  Yet in 1964 from perhaps Ronald Reagan’s most famous speech he said this:

"The issue of this election is whether we believe in our capacity for self-government or whether we abandon the American revolution and confess that a little intellectual elite in a far-distant capitol can plan our lives for us better than we can plan them for ourselves."


Has anyone found a doctor that is happy with Obamacare?  If the majority of doctors are unhappy with  Obamacare, how exactly is this good for women’s health?    The greatest story in 150 years is that the most  free land in history is being transformed before our eyes to one of forced obedience  to  Washington - and our mainstream media ignores it.

Yesterday, if a man’s actions consistently were the opposite of what he said he was going to do, he would be shunned, ridiculed, and cast out of office.  Today, he is celebrated, seen as a reformer, seen as someone that has such an idealistic end in mind that he is able to administer any means – no matter what the cost to the American people.   

This election is about having the courage to do what is right no matter how you feel and no matter what pressures come upon you from the television, your co-workers, your friends, or your family.   Our purpose now is for our children and our grandchildren. 

Any government that would even have a thought about taking away freedom of conscience has decided that it is not going to represent the people but has a  strategy to dominate through manipulation.  And most of our local representatives and senators support   these violations of First Amendment religious freedom under the pretense of women’s health.  They try to paint those that oppose it as attacking women and their right to make their own health care choices.  This is completely false but if a lie is told enough times then it becomes reality to those that hear it.  Their methods are  immoral and they need to be replaced.   

We are a nation run by “We the People” , not “We the government”.   The focus of government needs to return to these 3 simple words.

It is not the government’s job to protect you from every possible circumstance that can befall you.  It IS the government’s job to protect your individual God given right to life, liberty, the pursuit of happiness. To protect your right to freedom of religion, speech, assembly,  the press,  petitioning the government, the right to a fair trial, the right to belong to a state that is not harassed by the federal government, the right to protection from foreign enemies, and the right to not have their government spend the people’s hard earned tax dollars like drunken sailors would play monopoly.

It is not the government’s job to run your health care and your religion.  It is not the government’s job to tell you how to build your house.  It is not their job to prevent private enterprise from producing products that people want to buy.  It is not the government’s job to tell you what you should eat in your lunch.  It’s not their job to determine the size of your soda pop and it’s not their job to  tell mothers how to feed their babies or define what practicing faith means to you.   These are decisions owned by you – “We the People”. 

It IS the government’s job to protect and empower the human person – to provide an environment that allows the unlimited potential of each and every one of us to be liberated and do great things in the name of science, manufacturing, technology and art.  There is no limit to the capacity of people except those limits forced upon them by others.  We need leaders that unite us instead of divide us.  That edify us instead of belittle us.  That see the beauty in each and every one of us, instead of seeing us as the problem.  That promote our lives and not our deaths.  We are the engine of prosperity.  We are the ones that built that business.  We are the ones that love God and  defend our families.  We are the ones that love the principles of America.   And we are the ones that can bring America back from the brink. 

We must not stand for attacks on our liberty any longer. 

Here is the litmus test for each and every candidate that we press the lever for in the voting booth:

Will they follow the Constitution of the United States, including the Bill of Rights? 

The Constitution is not an academic piece of paper.  It is the only thing that stands between us and a society enslaved by government fiats and all the horrors that come from these types of regimes. 

The Constitution protects the freedom of human beings young and old.  When we require our leadership follow the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, we are talking about protecting the freedom of millions of children and grandchildren. 

The current Administration has set the Constitution on fire and those in the Senate and House that can hold him accountable refuse to throw water on it because we have to pretend that the Administration is nice.   When they damage the Constitution, they damage your homes, your businesses, the military, doctor’s  offices, and churches – they damage everything that makes up the fabric and foundation of our society.  We must have leaders with the courage to stop them.  This is not a game.  This is a fight for America’s soul  and the individual human freedom that millions have shed their blood to preserve.   

So we have a leadership vacuum and it back to us -  “We the People” – to save her on behalf of our families and ourselves.  It will not be the mainstream media holding them accountable.  It will only be us.  It will not be the political parties holding each other accountable.  It will only be us.  And this is why Freedom For Americans was born – if you are with us – and we need you to be – become part of us with your time, your talent, and your donations. 

We need leaders that stand on principle, on ethics, on morals, and on virtue.  We need leaders with courage and strong vision for the future.  We need leaders that will directly confront the dismantling of America, halt it, and build it back up  - no matter what the cost to their social status.

Leaders that have the moral integrity to follow the boundaries of the Constitution as they swear an oath to uphold and defend when they enter office. 

Will they be  honest? 

Does their  oath of office mean anything? 

Will they uphold and defend the individual liberties defined in the First Amendment that are given to us by nature’s God and no man or woman has the right to take away from any American citizen?  This is the litmus test of a candidate we can vote for in good conscience. 

We can turn this around but it will take everyone one of us.  Freedom For Americans is moving and holding elected leaders accountable.  

Please join with us – God bless you and please pray for the United States of America. 

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