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Time for the Good Men and Women to Come

by Freedom For Americans on 06/30/12

By Ken - FFA

We all remember this quote: "Now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of their country". We study history and what past leaders said because it is a teacher for our life here on earth.

What is the origin of this quote? Some attribute it to Patrick Henry and others attribute it to Charles Weller, a typewriter teacher who used it to demonstrate and teach individuals to use the typewriter. This phrase over the past week has come to take on a new meaning filled with urgency. The onus to shape the future of our nation is now squarely on the electorate, as it has always been intended by our Founding Fathers. Never has so much been riding on the ability of the electorate to rise up and take on the role of being the arbiter of preserving our Union. It is unfortunate that the Supreme Court has now joined the simultaneously inept and scheming executive and legislative branches in presiding over a possible demise of the America we knew and took for granted while growing up. While our brave soldiers are fighting for our freedom overseas we find ourselves in the position of fighting the domestic enemy: those who would destroy the American way of life, in particular the pursuit of life, liberty and happiness.


President Reagan stated that Freedom is only one generation away from extinction. We must mobilize our best efforts and incite the electorate to come to the defense of the American way of life. This effort will require the sacrifices and toil of all freedom loving Americans. We must unite steadfast and resolutely in our effort to elect those who will fight for our hard earned freedom and remove those who will not fight and are complicit with a growing tyranny. Keep this in mind from now until the election:


“Remember November and NOW is the time for all good men to come to the aid of their country.”



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Senator Ted Cruz (TX) nails it in a speech at CPAC 2013.  Like he did as Solicitor General for Texas, he makes a clear, direct, concise case for the blueprint needed to preserve individual liberty.  Each of the elements required are here:  personal liberty as protected by the Constitution, strong national defense, limited government and controlled spending.  No surrender Mr. Cruz. 
Eric Metaxas at CPAC 2013 concisely explains why America and Religious Freedom are insperable